You Need a Lawyer on Your Side During Business Creation

Business Creation can be an exciting yet scary step to take. You’ve always had this dream with goals and aspirations in mind, that you wanted to open your own catering company. You see all the flashy lights and envision you serving the best food all across America. You set out full of hope with a million ideas on how to make your business successful. Nothing is going to stop you, right? Well, maybe so. But if you didn’t set things up correctly during your business creation, you could be setting yourself up for failure.

For starters, have you determined if a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Corporation is the best choice for your business creation? Do you have a clear understanding of what the two are? There are key differences between having your business licensed as an LLC or a Corporation. One of the biggest differences is how they are owned. An LLC has one or more single members as the owner, whereas corporations have shareholders who own a share in the company. And let’s say you have determined your business structure. Are you certain that it is the best option for your business? Are there other options to consider?

Juris Law & Mediation LLC
 has a highly effective team of attorneys who have years of experience. Their no-nonsense approach is quick, efficient and cost effective. This skilled group of lawyers will provide legal advice and services for business formation, including drafting and reviewing all required and beneficial documents to ensuring that your business is in good standing under your state law. Having a personal attorney who is knowledgeable of your business needs and knows the ins and outs of operating agreements could potentially save you money further down the road and be relevant as to if your business is successful or not. 

Juris Law & Mediation LLC proudly serves individuals that reside within the Kansas City metro area. However, their unique zoom appointment option gives them the ability to serve aspiring business owners throughout Kansas and Missouri. Request a consultation or contact us today at 913-764-8844 to assist you in your business creation!



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