High Conflict Marriages – Divorce versus Staying Together

High conflict divorce can be a tough experience, but continuing to live in an unhealthy relationship can be much worse.  The breakdown of a marriage is often overwhelming and emotionally draining for those involved, however, unresolved tension, manipulation, and high explosive emotions such as anger and rage can lead to a high conflict relationship that will not be easily resolved.  The attorneys at Juris are experienced in working with high conflict parties to attempt to either calm down the situation and get agreements in place, or present a solid case to the Court to secure the rights of their client. People often try to stay together for the benefit of their children, but most family law attorneys and therapists will tell you that continuing a marriage that is constantly contentious is not healthy for children or parents. 

Your high conflict divorce attorney knows its better to be in a healthy relationship and is here to help.

If you have not attempted therapeutic resources for your marriage, we encourage you to do so, but many of our eventual clients contact us even at this point for advice and preparation in case the therapy doesn’t work for their marriage and they need to file for divorce. Early preparation can make things go much more smoothly in an action for divorce.
Unfortunately, it only takes one unreasonable person to create a high-conflict scenario in a relationship.  Individuals who engage in this high-conflict parenting often put winning in front of everything else, including their spouse and children.  Some divorce actions involve levels of high conflict which can make it difficult to engage meaningfully with your child and be able to co-parent with their other parent.  
This is usually can be described as counter-parenting rather than co-parenting.   This type of conflict often revolves around emotional manipulation of the spouse and/or children.  This situation is dangerous to children, especially at a young age when they are not able to process the truth of their current situation.
Manipulative and controlling behavior is a leading cause of family therapy, especially in children. Without swift resolution, the fallout from a high conflict divorce can last over a person’s entire lifetime.  In fact, the attorneys at Juris KC have a professional counselor as a consultant to our high conflict cases to help us best navigate those troubled waters and give our clients the best advice we can.
It is never wise to stay in an unhealthy relationship, especially when dealing with high conflict relationships fraught with manipulation and highly explosive emotions.  It is important to secure legal counsel early in the divorce process to avoid mistakes.  Juris  is now taking on clients who need just his kind of help. Based in Olathe, Kansas – the attorneys at Juris represent clients all over the Kansas City Metro including Johnson County, Kansas; Wyandotte County, Kansas; Miami County, Kansas; Douglas County, Kansas, and Leavenworth County, Kansas. In Missouri, Juris attorneys take cases in Jackson County, Cass County, Platte County, and Clay County.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us today for a consultation, or call us at (913) 764-8844 to discuss your high conflict divorce case.