Not An Attorney

Monty is perhaps the most essential member of the Juris Law & Mediation team.  We are proud to announce he was recently awarded his Juris Dogtarate degree and passed the Bark Exam at his first sitting. As a semi-retired professional educator (teacher’s pet), when he is not sleeping on the job, he (and his nose) softly encourage staff and clients alike to provide him with admiration, attention and ear scratches.  Monty provides much needed stress relief, and inspiration to eat what you want, when you want, where you want.
Monty is a very good boy; he no longer barks at the mailman; he is very chill, laid back, and doesn’t know a stranger.  As a standard poodle, he is fashionable (his yellow bow tie and creative collar collection are conversation-starters), and he is quite proud of his panache and poufs.  Monty presents quite the sartorial image!
Monty doesn’t beg in the classical sense, but he does like to roam between offices in search of treats, and he is happy to perform a variety of tricks to encourage generosity in his treat-givers.  He also encourages the staff to eat at their desks, and to leave leftovers in accessible trash receptacles, which allows him to practice his stealthy Ninja food-recovery skills.    
Monty assures us that nine out of ten pets agree:  Juris is the best.  The tenth pet surveyed, a cat, was disinterested, and ignored the survey.
Monty knows that sadly some people are allergic to dogs.  If that is you, let us know prior to your appointment and we will make sure you have no contact with him.  He will also send pawsitive vibes your way, in the hope that healing will enable you to experience the unconditional love and warmth that only a dog can provide.