Taxes, Finances and Child Support Modification

The tax season is fast approaching, which means you are likely thinking about your financial situation, and whether it’s changed or is changing. When Child Support is initially set in a case, it is based on the parties’ respective incomes and expenses at the time the initial order is entered. Sometimes parents’ incomes or expenses change significantly after the initial support order, and each state has Child Support Guidelines that address what to do when that happens. The attorneys and mediators at Juris Law & Mediation have years of experience in helping families in Kansas and Missouri understand when a modification to a prior support order may be warranted, and how to accomplish it.

Tax season can be a good time to look at whether yours or your co-parent’s financial situation has changed enough to warrant a child support modification.  As a general rule, child support is based on each parent’s income, the cost of health insurance for the children, the cost of childcare, and the number and age of children in the home. The Child Support guidelines provide that whenever there is a change of 10% or more in the incomes or expenses of either parent, a modification can be considered. 

Juris Law & Mediation can help you review your individual situation, and determine whether a modification is warranted.  It’s important to remember that child support is considered the right of the child, and is not a supplement for the parent they live with.

The professionals at Juris Law & Mediation understand how to calculate child support within the legal requirements of both Kansas and Missouri. We can explain in a way that’s easy to understand the various nuances and line items involved in child support modification.  

If you are wondering whether a child support modification is needed in your case, Juris Law & Mediation can assist. Call us at (913) 764-8844 or click here to contact us online. We are happy to help!