Should I Get A Lawyer For Child Support Modification?

Child support modification can be hard to navigate alone, and obtaining a lawyer to help you through this process can be the key to a successful outcome.  For child support modification to occur, most states require proving a change in the circumstances of the child or the custodial parent or some other triggering event to allow for a modification.  When it comes to post-decree or post-judgement modification of child support, the lawyers at Juris are experts with helping you navigate the Court process and can sometimes help you avoid the need for judge intervention.

Lawyers understand how the legal system works, what steps you need in order to be successful, and what evidence you need to support your claim.  Each state has different laws in place regarding child support and child support modification, so discussing your case with a Juris lawyer is beneficial to your case.

Child Support Modification Is Easier When You Retain A Lawyer That Knows The Legal System

In both Kansas and Missouri, child support is determined using a worksheet and/or a formula (which are different in each state).  In both states, child support is the right of the children, and is not a supplement for the residential parent.  In Kansas, the parents cannot negotiate child support amounts, as it is based on the income of the parents and other amounts like insurance costs for the children, tax considerations, childcare costs, etc. However, in Missouri, some courts will allow the parents to determine the amount of child support by agreement. There are lots of calculators on the internet, but none of them can tell you what things are options, what are not, and how these options affect your case overall.

The attorneys at Juris understand how child support modification is dealt with in either state, and can explain the nuances of the laws in Kansas and Missouri.  Our lawyers are tough but fair and excel at representing the rights and desires of our clients.  We believe the law should be accessible to everyone, and the lawyers at Juris are ready to help you navigate the sometimes rough waters of post-decree modification.

The attorneys at Juris have a unique set of skills available to assist you in reaching your child support modification goals, and are ready to help you today.  Contact us today to request a $50, one-hour consultation regarding your child support modification, or call us at (913) 764-8844 with any questions you have regarding your case.