Landlord Representation

Landlord / Tenant laws are complex and can be a nightmare for an inexperienced landlord. The temptation to use fill in the blank forms purchased from an office supply store or online retailers, even those with “legal” in their name, can be strong due to cost concerns, but mistakes in those forms can subject the unsuspecting landlord to losses many times their initial savings.

Well drafted contracts, including leases both residential and commercial, are some of the least expensive insurance policies you can buy! Although landlords have rights that are defined by statute, they also have responsibilities that are set by law, and failure to follow those responsibilities can cost a landlord dearly.

Juris is experienced in representing landlords and advising them on best practices to maximize their investment, drafting rock-solid leases, eviction proceedings, and negotiations with tenants. Whether your property is commercial or residential, we have the know-how and ability to work with you to ensure your property and your rental income is secured.