Mediation Helps the Transition to Two-Household Parenting Go Smoothly

Mediation is often key to dissolving a marriage in a healthier way that reduces the negative impact on children. Despite the best intentions, not all marriages last forever. The Dispute Resolution Center is here to help you and your spouse work together to prioritize the needs of your children and find a better way to leave your marriage.
The research is clear: high levels of parental conflict during and after divorce means children don’t adjust or adapt as well – emotionally, socially, academically, and even physically.  The reverse is also true:  children fare and recover from the changes in their divorced families noticeably better when parents are cooperative and treat each other with courtesy and respect.  Mediation can help parents do this.
If you are interested in mediation to help with co-parenting during your divorce in Johnson County, Kansas or the Kansas City metro area, the Dispute Resolution Center can help. We offer both in person and Zoom appointments, so we can meet no matter where you are. Contactus at or call us at (913) 764-8844 for more information.
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