Mediation Can Smooth the Divorce or Separation Process

At Juris Law & Mediation, we advise that mediation is an excellent first step when starting the divorce or separation process. We help people find a plan they can live with, if not love, when they decide to part ways.

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process in which the mediator, a neutral third party, helps divorcing or separating couples identify and resolve issues related to their separation. Mediation encourages open communication, collaboration, and compromise, unlike legal proceedings, which often involve a combative approach. The mediator facilitates productive discussion and assists the parties in reaching mutually acceptable agreements on matters such as child custody, division of assets, spousal support, and more.

Mediation empowers couples to shape the outcome of their own separation versus turning these important decisions over to a judge. Mediation allows couples to maintain control over the discussion process, and their final agreements. This sense of empowerment leads to greater satisfaction with the outcome and a higher likelihood of compliance with the agreed-upon terms. Additionally, couples actively participating in the decision-making process are more likely to experience a smoother transition into their new lives.

One of the key advantages to choosing mediation is its ability to promote effective communication and cooperation between divorcing spouses. Mediation sessions provide a safe and supportive environment for couples to express their concerns, needs, and desires. Then, with the mediator’s help, they can work together to find common ground and make decisions that prioritize the best interests of all involved parties, especially if there are any children. This cooperative approach lays the foundation for healthier post-divorce relationships, particularly when ongoing co-parenting is necessary.

If you are in the Kansas City Metro area or in Olathe, Kansas, Juris Law & Mediation is ready to help you navigate the sometimes-rough waters of your legal issues. We can assist if you want to divide the cost and go to mediation. Or, if you know that mediation is not the step for you, our experienced attorneys can help you through the divorce process. Contact us at 913-764-8844 to discuss the best option for you and your family.


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