Mediation Can Help Simplify Conflict Resolution

Mediation is a highly successful method of handling conflict resolution that can often avoid hotly contested trials. As a process, it is much more individually tailored to the participants than handling the same conflict in court. So why should you trust mediation to help you? In Olathe and Kansas City, at Juris Law’s Dispute Resolution Center, we prioritize answering questions like this by making sure you understand our process. 
Mediation is the use of a neutral expert in conflict resolution to ensure everyone in a dispute can be heard and understood while looking for mutually acceptable ways to move forward. A mediator can explore creative solutions with both parties that fit their individual needs. This is a confidential process that can explore many possible ideas without being locked in or having something you say used against you in court.
One of the best arguments for trusting the mediation process is that between 75-85% of cases that go through the process are resolved. If your case is resolved, documents are prepared that can be reviewed by your attorney, or we can help you submit those to the court. In the unlikely event that your case is not resolved, the process helps participants have a clearer understanding of their own goals and the goals of the other party as well.
Our process at Dispute Resolution Center begins by having participants complete intake forms. We review these prior to our first meeting with you. This helps us narrow down what’s important to you and helps you by giving clarity on your case. We will use these forms to design a process to fit your unique situation. Depending on the case, we can schedule separate meetings for each party before both parties meet together.
If you need conflict mediation for a legal dispute in Kansas City and/or Olathe, Dispute Resolution Center has the skills to help.  We handle a wide variety of family and other civil disputes. Call us today at (913) 490-3029 or contact us online to begin the process as soon as possible.

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