Mediation and Conciliation Settle Disputes by Setting Clear Expectations

Mediation is intended as a less stressful and usually more successful alternative to litigation than taking a conflict to court. Conciliation is a form of mediation that is non-confidential and can result in information being shared with the court at the end of the process. If you need help settling a conflict in Olathe or the Kansas City metro area, Juris Law & Mediation’s new entity: Dispute Resolution Center has the expertise to help. 
Both mediation and conciliation involve working with a neutral expert, the goal is for participants to find mutually agreeable resolution to their issues. The scope of the process can be specified by a court order. When the involved parties reach an agreement, documents are prepared, and the participants are given a chance to review them before they are given to the court.
Nearly 80% of cases that participate in conciliation and mediation are able to reach agreements. That said, in conciliation information on any issues that go unresolved in this process is given to the court. The information shared can be just a recap of the issues and positions of the parties involved or more detailed, sometimes even including recommendations. 
At the Dispute Resolution Center, our process for conciliation begins by having the participants complete intake forms, which we review before the first meeting. This helps us assist you in narrowing down what is most important to you. Using the information from these forms, we can design a process that fits your unique situation. While we typically begin with joint appointments, if there is reason to, we can schedule individual meetings with each party prior to meeting together.
After the intake forms are complete, we will go over the process for your case with you. This lets us help you get a clear understanding of what happens once you reach agreements or if there are unresolved issues. This varies from case to case since the details of specific court orders will require different approaches. Our main goal in mediation and conciliation is for you to have no surprises when it comes to what to expect from our process.
If you need professionals to help you with a court ordered conciliation process in Olathe and/or Kansas City, Dispute Resolution Center is here to help. We handle a wide variety of family and other civil disputes. Call us today at (913) 490-3029 or contact us online to begin the process as soon as possible.

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