Landlord Lawyer: Post-COVID Eviction Help

A landlord lawyer at Juris Law & Mediation, LLC can help any landlord navigate the influx of evictions coming after COVID. Landlord and tenant laws are very complex and can be a nightmare, especially with COVID restrictions on eviction practices. 

A Landlord Lawyer Can Guide You With Eviction Notices Post-COVID

Under normal circumstances, when a renter has failed to pay their rent, or has had their house foreclosed upon, the owner (or new owner) of the property has the right to bring an action to remove them from the property if they refuse to leave voluntarily. But with federal COVID restrictions put in place upon a landlords’ ability to evict for non-payment of rent, this is where an experienced landlord lawyer is necessary.
Although landlords have rights that are defined by statute, they also have responsibilities that are set by law, and failure to follow those responsibilities can cost a landlord dearly. A landlord lawyer is up-to-date with all the rights landlords are granted and the responsibilities they must uphold. Now is the time to give our team a call, as the end of federal restrictions on evictions closes at the end of July.
Evictions must be done through the court system in Kansas and Missouri. A lawsuit is filed by a landlord lawyer asking the court to order the current occupant of the property to remove themselves from the property and if they fail to do so, the sheriff will arrive to escort them from the property. 
Juris Law & Mediation LLC is an experienced landlord lawyer firm representing landlords and advising them on best practices to maximize their investment, negotiations with tenants and eviction proceedings. Our attorneys and consultants have years of legal experience between them. Because of this our clients benefit from a no-nonsense approach to solving legal problems in a quick, efficient, and cost effective manner. If you are in the Kansas City metro area and are needing a landlord lawyer to help guide you with evictions, contact our office today to schedule a consultation, or feel free to call us at (913) 764-8844 with any questions you have regarding your eviction questions.