Landlord Lawyer Helps With Eviction Proceedings And Contracts

A landlord lawyer with Juris Law & Mediation can help with eviction proceedings and drafting residential and commercial lease contracts. Landlord/tenant laws are complex and can be a nightmare for an inexperienced landlord.
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A Landlord Lawyer Is One Of The Best Insurance Policies You Can Get When Dealing With Evictions And Contracts

Being a landlord during the past two years has been difficult, but hiring a landlord lawyer the best insurance you can get under these circumstances. We know that though the pandemic, the moratorium order created tensions that failed to build trusting relationships between renters and their landlords. 
This being said, landlords need guidance on how to be navigate the flood of eviction notices or working with their renters to get back on track. Hiring a landlord lawyer is the best option for this type of guidance.
The temptation to use fill-in-the-blank forms purchased from an office supply store or online retailer, even those with “legal” in their name, can be strong due to cost concerns, but mistakes in those forms can subject the unsuspecting landlord to losses many times their initial savings. 
Well-drafted contracts by a landlord lawyer, including both residential and commercial leases, are some of the least expensive insurance policies you can buy! Although landlords have rights that are define by statute, they also have responsibilities that are set by law, and failure to follow those responsibilities can cost a landlord dearly. Is is especially tempting to use online forms for landlords who have properties in the Kansas City metro but the laws in Kansas and Missouri are very different and the leases must be as well!
The attorneys of Juris Law & Mediation, LLC. have the knowledge and experience you need as a landlord. If you are in the Johnson County, KS region, including Olathe, KS and need a landlord lawyer to help guide you through contract drafting or eviction proceedings, contact us online today to schedule a consultation, or feel free to call us at 913.764-8844 with any questions you have regarding your legal needs.