Landlord Lawyer: Experience You Can Trust

A landlord lawyer firm, Juris Law & Mediation, represents landlords and advises them on best practices with wisdom and experience you can trust. Our team helps to maximize your investment, draft rock-solid leases, commence eviction proceedings, garnishments, writs of removal, and negotiations with tenants.

Domestic mediation helps to resolve specific issues that pertain to your unique divorce needs.

Landlord laws are complex and can be a nightmare for an inexperienced landlord. The temptation to use fill-in-the-blank forms purchased from an office supply store or online retailer, even those with “legal” in their name, can be strong due to cost concerns, but mistakes in those forms can subject the unsuspecting landlord to losses many times their initial savings. A Juris Law & Mediation landlord lawyer has the experience you need to handle these scenarios.
Well-drafted contracts by a landlord lawyer, including leases for both residential and commercial, are some of the least expensive insurance policies you can buy! You’ll want to make sure these leases are iron-clad, drafted and finalized by a lawyer licensed and experienced in your state. Although landlords have rights that are defined by state statutes, they also have responsibilities that are set by state and federal laws, and failure to follow those rules can cost a landlord dearly.

Whether your property is commercial or residential, we have the know-how and ability to work with you to ensure your property and rental income is secured. A landlord lawyer at Juris Law & Mediation has the years of business, life, and legal experience to help solve your legal problems. You can be at ease that your landlord lawyer knows the law and will work to create the best leases possible. A well-structured commercial or residential contract can help reduce issues with tenants, and help protect the landlord in court, if any issues should arise. 

Juris Law & Mediation is an experienced landlord lawyer firm who believes the law should be accessible for all, and that includes landlords. We would be glad to meet with you to determine your needs and wants to make sure your contract is legally sufficient and will stand up in a Court of law. If you are a landlord in the Kansas City Metro area, Kansas, or Missouri, contact us to schedule a consultation, or feel free to call at (913) 764-8844 with any questions you have about your lease agreements, tenant issues, or evictions.