Landlord Lawyer: COVID Eviction Help

A landlord lawyer at Juris Law & Mediation, LLC. can help guide landlords through the evictions process in the wake of COVID restrictions. We know that being a landlord during a pandemic has been difficult, especially when the moratorium on rent was enacted. There is some hope for landlords if they wish to work with renters to get back on track, including advice on governmental funds, or if they choose to pursue eviction.

A Landlord Lawyer Knows The Law And Can Help Guide You Through Eviction

Under normal circumstances, when a tenant has failed to pay their rent, or a homeowner has had their house foreclosed upon, the new owner of the property has the right to bring an action to remove them from the property if they refuse to leave voluntarily. And since this has to be done through the court system in almost every state in the US, a landlord lawyer will be necessary. We know that landlord/tenant laws are complex and can be a nightmare for an inexperienced landlord. Our team has the experience you need to handle post-moratorium evictions and/or working with your renters to get back on track.

Well-drafted contracts, including leases are some of the least expensive insurance policies you can buy! You will want a landlord lawyer to help you with existing and new lease agreements moving forward. And experienced landlord lawyer can represent you and advise you on best practices to maximize your investment, drafting rock-solid leases, eviction proceedings, and negotiations with tenants.

We know that the financial losses some landlords experienced during COVID restrictions were absolutely devastating to their own incomes and quality of life. But this doesn’t have to last forever. If you are in the Kansas City Metro area, including Olathe, KS and are in need of a landlord lawyer who can help guide you through the eviction process, contact us today to schedule a consultation, or feel free to call us at (913) 764-8844 with any questions you have regarding your legal needs.