Juris Law & Mediation: Full Service Mediation for Johnson County, Kansas Residents

Mediation for parenting plans in Johnson County, KS requires an excellent knowledge of family law and years of experience. A lot of families either decide or are ordered to go through the Johnson County Domestic Court Services for mediation but they are only able to mediate parenting plans. At Juris Law & Mediation, we can do so much more for you and your family!
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Mediation in Johnson County, KS through Juris is a full-service option.

Johnson County Court Services helps families with legal custody, parenting time, schedules and successful co-parenting, but does not address child support, property division, or any other financial issues. At Juris Law & Mediation, LLC. we are able to handle every aspect of your case, and save you time and money as well!
Not only are we able to help you with child custody, but we can also help with child custody modification if there is a significant change within you or your spouse’s life. When it comes to post-decree or post-judgment modifications of child custody, support and visitation, we are experts in helping you navigate the Court process and even try helping you avoid the need for judge intervention.
We know that family law issues are often complex. When it comes to child support, property division, or the financial issues of a divorce, you need a mediator that is experienced. Our team at Juris Law & Mediation, LLC. have years of business, life, and legal experience between us. 
Our clients benefit from a no-nonsense approach to solving legal problems in a quick, efficient, and cost effective way. We work directly with clients to save them time and money. 
If you are in Johnson County, KS including Olathe, KS and need mediation for anything related to your divorce case, we can do more for you than Johnson County Court Services can. Contact us online to schedule a consultation, or call us directly at 913-764-8844 with any questions you have regarding your case and how mediation can benefit you.

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