High Conflict Divorce Specialists

If your family is going through a high conflict divorce, the attorneys at Juris have a unique set of skills available to assist you in reaching your goals. The attorneys at Juris are pros at helping you navigate the sometimes rough waters of your legal issues.  

The breakdown of a marriage is overwhelming and emotionally draining for those involved. Securing legal representation early in the process is the right proactive step.

We do our best to help you avoid a high conflict divorce with alternative resolutions like settlement conferences and mediation.  These methods are proven to help families with children stay focused on what’s best for the family and all parties involved. 

High Conflict Divorce Mediators Can Help Your Focus To Stay On Track

Occasionally a high conflict divorce can make it difficult to engage meaningfully with your child and be able to co-parent with their mother or father.  There are lasting effects to a child’s well-being, and emotional trauma from a divorce is a major factor in lifetime development.  Individuals who engage in a high conflict divorce often place an emphasis on winning despite all else.  Unfortunately it only takes one unreasonable person to create a high conflict divorce.

Depending on the situation, some couples work together to settle outstanding matters with the assistance of a qualified family law attorney.  Even in high conflict divorce, they can do this through alternative dispute resolutions such as a settlement meetings, mediation, or negotiations. These alternative resolutions keep decision-making control within the family. However, if alternative dispute resolutions do not work, resolving matters through the court process allows a judge to make final decisions, ultimately taking decision-making control away from both parties involved. When agreements cannot be reached, Juris will make the trial process as smooth as possible.

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