High Conflict Divorce: Recognizing The Signs

Recognize The Signs Of High Conflict Divorce And Seek Help From Our Experienced Attorneys

A high conflict divorce is one where personal actions of the parties involve high levels of conflict that make it difficult to engage meaningfully with each other and your children so you can effectively co-parent.  The breakdown of a marriage is often overwhelming and emotionally draining for those involved.  So what is a high conflict divorce, and what does it look like?
A high conflict divorce can be attributed to one or more partners with the following traits:
– Unwillingness to cooperate: leads to instances of single-mindedness and the need “to win” at all costs.  This can be followed up by a partner giving ultimatums.
– Playing the blame game:  shown through a partner who is not willing to take any personal responsibility for their part in the divorce, uses the phrases “always, never, and every” to place themselves in a victim mentality.
– Manipulative and controlling to both spouse and children: this is highly dangerous for children, especially at a young age when they are not able to process the truth of their current situation.  Manipulative and controlling behavior is a leading cause of family therapy, especially in children.

– Highly explosive emotions: anger being the primary emotion, manifested through yelling, screaming, and sometimes physical abuse.

– Mental Health or Addiction issues: often times individuals struggling with addition or mental health issues, or both, can create additional tension and drama in a situation that is already very hard on everyone in the family.

When children are involved, individuals who engage in high-conflict parenting often put winning in front of everything else, and usually can be described as counter-parenting rather than co-parenting.  Unfortunately, it only takes one unreasonable person to create a high-conflict, co-parenting relationship through in their divorce.  The attorneys at Juris are seasoned in working with high conflict divorce clients to attempt to either calm down the situation, or present a solid case to the Court to secure the rights of our client. In fact, we have a Licensed Professional Counselor as a consultant to the attorneys on our high-conflict cases to help us best navigate these troubled waters and give our clients the best advice we can.
The divorce process itself is different for all parties.  It is important to secure legal representation early in the process to avoid pitfalls.  It is also important to take into account all elements and proceed with caution.  Every maneuver to navigate the process can affect the outcome of the divorce.  The attorneys and consultants of Juris  are taking on clients in Johnson County, Kansas and the entire Kansas City metro area.  If you need a divorce lawyer, feel free to contact us to request a consultation, or call us at (913) 764-8844 to discuss any questions you have regarding your case.