Grandparents Rights Matter In Relationship Restoration

Kansas is one of the few states that recognize the rights of Grandparents to maintain a relationship with their grandchildren. Grandparents rights are to be considered whenever a major life event changes the course of family dynamics permanently resulting in a loss of their grandparent visitation time.  When this occurs in instances of divorce or parental death, a grandparent’s relationship with their grandchildren can be affected. If a surviving parent or custodial parent attempts to stop or limit the amount of time grandchildren are allowed to spend with their grandparents, it may be necessary to hire a lawyer to determine grandparents rights and pursue action towards restoring the relationship.

Grandparent/Grandchild Relationships Are Valuable And Worth Pursuing

The family law attorneys of Juris have successfully helped grandparents in Kansas secure visitation with their grandchildren.  Under Kansas Law, grandparents have the legal right to ask the Court to order visitation with their grandchildren.  However, this process does not come without complications. 
The burden lies with the grandparents to prove to a judge that a pre-existing relationship occurred with their grandchildren.  Furthermore the judge determines if grandparents rights are in the best interest of the grandchildren, considering their health, safety, and general welfare. 
To ask for grandparents rights visitation, the grandparent does not have to be related to the grandchild by bloodline, but must be a legal parent of one of the child’s parents (as is typical with most child adoption cases).  Typically, these cases are financially and emotionally expensive as attorney’s fees are almost always ordered to be paid by the grandparents..  Grandparents are held responsible for their own attorney’s fees, the attorney’s fees of the parents, and the cost of a Guardian ad litem if the Court orders one to represent the best interest of the children involved.  
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