General Practice Lawyers: The Experience and Knowledge You Need

A general practice lawyer has the experience you need to handle every aspect of your case, as they are well versed in many different areas of the law. The team at Juris Law & Mediation works with clients in general, business transactional, family, criminal lite, simple estate documents and probate, and property law, as well as mediation.

A general practice lawyer is someone that you can count on for your legal needs.

General law deals with small civil litigation, money damages, collections and unpaid bills or loans, contract drafting and review, small claims consultation, DUI (1st or 2nd offense), traffic citations, drug tickets, contractor and trades representation, probate or estate litigation, and Chapters 60 & 61 Representation in Kansas.
Property law includes commercial and residential lease drafting, redemption rights, house flipping laws, real estate transactions for buyer and sellers, landlord and tenant representation, evictions, construction and new build defects, foreclosures and more. A general practice lawyer who is proficient in property law is one of the best insurance policies you can choose if you are a property owner.
The law is very specific in each state on the creation, operation, and dissolution of a business and a general practice lawyer can guide you through the complex area of Business Law. This can be anything from the creation of a business (LLC, Partnerships or Corporations), closing the business, the purchase or sale of a business, ending Partnerships, accounts receivable best practices, business contract review and negotiations, healthcare employment contracts, dental transactional law, and building leases. We have the legal knowledge you need to be successful in your business. As an added value to our clients, one of our partners has an MBA from the UMKC Henry Bloch School of Business and over twenty years of small, medium, and large small business experience to help guide you.
Sometimes life circumstances can change a marriage and the area of Family Law is designed to focus on the legal aspects of divorce and dissolution, child support and custody, paternity, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, as well as legal separation. Not only do you want a general practice lawyer who knows the law, but you want one that is dedicated to helping you realize your legal goals for the future. Mediation helps to clarify disputes and helps all parties involved to communicate and create the best resolutions for you and your family, and can be very helpful during the divorce process. We are especially adept with complicated assets, high-net worth families, self-employed business or property owners. These can be very complicated issues in family law, so having a general practice attorney to knows and understands how these areas of law interconnect and work together is key to getting you the best outcome possible.
Sometimes you need a general practice lawyer, someone with broad knowledge and experience in multiple areas of the law, to help you navigate the rough waters of your legal issues. We understand that life circumstances change unexpectedly, but the law doesn’t have to be hard to access. If you are in Olathe, KS and are in need of a general practice lawyer, contact us today to request a consultation, or feel free to call us at (913) 764-8844 with any questions you have regarding your legal issues.