Chapters 60 & 61 Representation (KS)

Chapters 60 & 61 Representation or Limited Actions in Kansas / Limited Actions in Missouri

Stuff happens.  Disputes arise.  Whether you are a pursuing a claim, or defending one, you need experienced, skilled representation on your side.  The attorneys and staff at Juris have decades of experience to help you navigate through the waters of civil litigation.  We work hard to get you the result you want.  Because resolving these disputes -- whether big or small – are a priority to you or your business – they are also a priority for us. Chapter 60 and Chapter 61 representation in Kansas and Limited Actions cases in Kansas and Missouri are handled routinely in our office. Whether you are a landlord needing to evict a tenant, a tenant needing representation for an eviction proceeding against you, a creditor seeking a money judgment against an individual or business, or even just a person trying to get back the money you lent your friend, we can help!