Post-Decree Modification / Child Custody Modification / High Conflict Cases

Some divorce and paternity actions involve high levels of conflict that make it difficult to engage meaningfully with your child and be able to co-parent with their Mother or Father. Individuals who engage in this high-conflict parenting often put winning in front of everything else, and usually can be described as counter-parenting rather than co-parenting. Unfortunately, it only takes one unreasonable person to create a high-conflict co-parenting relationship. The attorneys at Juris are seasoned in working with parties to attempt to either calm down the situation, or present a solid case to the Court to secure the rights of our client.

For modifications to occur, most states require proving a change in the circumstances of the child or the custodial parent or some other triggering event to allow for a modification. When it comes to post-decree or post-judgment modifications of child custody, support, and visitation, we are experts with helping you navigate the Court process and even try helping you avoid the need for Judge intervention. We have successfully represented parents who were the primary causes of the conflict, and the ones who were defending against it. Our attorneys are tough but fair and excel at representing the rights and desires of our clients without causing additional conflicts with the other party. Call our office today for a consultation.