Divorce & Dissolution

The breakdown of a marriage is often overwhelming and emotionally draining for those involved. The divorce process, called dissolution in Missouri, itself is different for all parties. It is important to secure legal representation early in the process to avoid pitfalls. It is important to take into account all elements and proceed with caution. Every maneuver to navigate the process can affect the outcome of the divorce.

Depending on the situation, some couples work together to settle the outstanding matters. They can do this through alternative dispute resolutions such as a settlement meeting, mediation, or negotiation. Other parties can resolve matters by both using separate divorce lawyers and going through the Court process. The length of time and methods used for each resolution and ultimately finalize a divorce, vary based on the different issues and choices the parties make.

The Court process differs in every jurisdiction, and the amount of time you must live in that state before a filing can be made also changes, although it is typically 60 days before the date of filing. Schedule a consultation with the Juris Law & Mediation family law attorneys to discuss your case today.

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