Estate Planning: When to Begin?

If Estate planning is on your mind, you’ll want to make sure it gets taken care of before it’s necessary. If you live in Olathe, Johnson County, Kansas or the Kansas City metro area, Juris Law & Mediation can help with both advice and the documents needed. While there’s never a bad time to start the estate planning process, the Medicare sign-up period is a great time to begin.
Your estate consists of everything you own: your car, home, other real estate, checking and savings accounts, investments, life insurance, furniture, personal possessions. Everyone has an estate and it’s important to plan for what happens to it when you’re gone. Estate planning is the process of creating instructions stating whom you want to receive your possessions, what you want them to receive, and when they are to receive it. Naturally, most people will want this to happen with the least amount paid in taxes and other costs.
Medicare enrollment is important to estate planning as you’ll want to ensure your financial power of attorney states Medicare and Social Security Administration. This way it will be simple for your POA to assist with these agencies if you are incapacitated. The team at Juris Law & Mediation is more than happy to help with the documents for this process and you can begin consulting with us whenever you’re ready.
Whether or not your estate will need a trust established before, or after, your demise – or if simple estate documents will be sufficient is a question that the attorneys at Juris can and will answer during your consultation.
If you’ve decided it’s time to begin your own estate planning in Kansas City or Olathe, contact the team at Juris Law & Mediation to begin the process. You can reach us at (913) 764-8844 or click here for other contact options.

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