Core Mediation: Money And Property Dispute Resolution

Core mediation is used to settle disputes over money or property. When complex issues arise through small claims, or between neighbors, HOA, or family members regarding money and property issues (not related to a divorce) – core mediation can help resolve these issues. 

Core Mediation can help settle money and property disputes.

Small claims courts often deal with disputes on breaches of contract, debt collection, loan repayment, small money disputes, and property damage. All of these issues can be resolved through the use of core mediation instead of traditional court litigation.

Sometimes property disputes can only be resolved through the law if neighbors cannot or will not be open to maintaining their property in order to uphold public safety and health laws. Neighborhood disputes can be settled through core mediation and often deal with the physical appearance of the property, usually negligence or abandonment, and health or building code violations. When it comes to neighbors and their neighborhoods, sometimes the homeowner’s association (HOA) needs to step in and help resolve the dispute. Unfortunately, there are situations where a homeowner’s association will need help to resolve disputes dealing with property such as visual nuisances (overgrown and overhanging trees/lawns that might hinder another homeowner’s property) and other property maintenance issues that affect surrounding neighbors. If a neighbor is in violation of the homeowner’s association rules and regulations, then core mediation could be an effective way to problem solve and create a lasting resolution that neighbors and the homeowner’s association can agree upon.

Money disputes arise all the time when someone is loaned money they refuse to pay back, take property and don’t return it, or damage someone else’s property on accident or on purpose. All of these kinds of disputes are perfect for core mediation and are often settled with the help of a good mediator.
 It is never easy when disputes arise, and you need someone with mediation experience to guide you in making effective resolutions for all parties involved. Money and property division can be some of the most difficult areas to resolve, and making the right choice can feel overwhelming. 
Our team at Juris Law & Mediation have years of experience and are dedicated to helping you through difficult legal situations. If you are in the Kansas City metro area, including Johnson County, Miami County, Douglas County, Leavenworth County, Jackson County, and Wyandotte County, and feel that core mediation is the next step in your dispute resolution, contact us today to request a consultation, or feel free to call us at (913) 764-8844 with any questions you have regarding your case. 

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