Co-Parenting Can Be Difficult when it Comes to Traveling

Co-parenting can be challenging, especially when it comes to issues like travel. If you are thinking of traveling, there are a few things to consider. Are you aware of the international travel rules? Do you need to get a passport for your child? Does the other parent have to give consent in order for the child to travel? Is the other parent being difficult?  At Juris Law & Mediation LLC, we can provide expert advice to help you navigate these issues.
When traveling alone internationally with your child, you may be required to present documentation proving you are the parent or legal guardian along with a letter of permission from the other parent for your child to travel. There is no denying the fact that one of the most common issues that those co-parenting face is travel. Whether it’s for a fun filled vacation or a visit with family, parents often have different ideas about what is best for their children and dealing with a difficult co-parent can be challenging. Whether your co-parent is argumentative, uncooperative, or simply difficult to communicate with, it’s important to find ways to work together for the sake of your children.
 By putting in the effort and being willing to work together, co-parenting can be a positive and rewarding experience for both the parents and children if handled properly. Your willingness to communicate and compromise, can create a positive co-parenting relationship that benefits everyone involved. At Juris Law & Mediation LLC, we have years of business and legal experience. Our team is amazing at helping you navigate difficult situations in your personal lives. Whether you are dealing with issues of travel rights or just day to day struggles with co-parenting, allow us to help you mediate the situation. Contact us today if you reside in Kansas City or near our office in Olathe KS., to request a consultation, and allow us to help you reach a common ground with your co-parent.

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