Child Custody Modification: Prompting A Change

Child custody modification is often complex, and there are specific changes in a child’s life that could prompt a change to the original decree. Most states require proof of a change in the circumstances of the child, the custodial parent, or of some other triggering event that has occurred before allowing for a modification.
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Child Custody Modification Can Occur When A Major Change In Circumstances Happens

Child custody modification can also occur when a parent refuses to follow custody terms. This often happens when one or both parents refuse to follow or respect visitation rights in the terms agreed upon. Often this appears as a parent deliberately scheduling activities or appointments that interfere with the scheduled visitation as well as a parent regularly bringing back a child or children late.
When a child’s needs have changed, child custody modification might be necessary as well. Child custody arrangements may not work at every stage of a child’s life as they grow. There may be different needs for a child to thrive, making one parental home more fitting than another.
With jobs becoming more flexible and mobile, it is likely that one or both parents may need to relocate at some point in their lives. When parental relocation occurs, it can create issues with any current child custody plan, including visitation schedules which may need revision through modification.
Another reason for child custody modification is child endangerment. If a child is endangered, emotionally or physically, it is in their best interest to pursue a custody modification as soon as possible. The child’s best interest is always the most important consideration to the courts, and child endangerment could lead to the court modifying the child custody order to limit the parent’s rights to physical custody, or depending on the severity of endangerment, remove them altogether.
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