Contract Review & Negotiations

Our nation was built on the law of contracts and these laws continue to evolve. Contracts are the foundation for nearly every business transaction. There are many form contracts available on the internet or from “legal” online retailers, but your business or transaction is likely to have unique circumstances that require specific contract terms. Additionally, most of these form contracts are not catered to the state laws of your business, making them insufficient and often not legally binding. It is the responsibility of the parties to a create that a contract is negotiated and drafted to fulfill the specific requirements of each party and adhere to state laws, and the only way to ensure that is working with knowledgeable lawyers at an experienced firm like Juris Law & Mediation.

Contract disputes are one of the most common forms of dispute between individuals and businesses. Using solid attorneys for review, negotiation and drafting contracts - you will be able to make your contract specifically enforceable, outline the do’s and do not’s, and make sure there are important provisions such as penalties for breach and forum selection.