Business Entity Creation: Juris Is Your Best Option

Juris provides strategic business creation advice and counsel to help you when setting up a new business.  If you are new to opening a business and don’t have a background in business operations, often legal jargon can be confusing.  You’ll want someone on your side to help you make the best decision possible for you and your business creation.

Business Law Attorneys Of Juris Are Your Best Option

The attorneys at Juris can provide you with sound legal advice to determine whether a limited liability company, partnership, or corporation is the best option for your business creation needs.  Our skilled business law attorneys explain the advantages and disadvantages of each option. We have an enrolled agent on staff to help with tax questions and an MBA/JD attorney who understands the nuances of business management so your decisions are spot on.
You have a variety of choices with entity creation. The most popular choice is a limited liability company. An LLC is a hybrid structure that combines the option of a pass-through entity or corporation for taxation purposes  with the liability shield of a corporation.  In contrast sole proprietorship is a company that is owned and operated by a single person, with no distinction between the owner and the business and therefore no shield for personal assets. Of course there is always the tried and true corporation, which is best suited to larger companies or those with many owners.  With years of experience, our team is dedicated to helping you realize your legal goals, and the attorneys at Juris can help you determine which business creation plan is best for you.

After discussing all your options, we will help execute the right plan for your business creation.  It is so important to make sure all your legal documents are correct, in order to avoid potential costly mistakes in the future.  We provide legal advice and services in all aspects of business establishment, including drafting and reviewing all required and beneficial documents pertaining to launching your business under state law.  

These documents include:
·      Articles of Incorporation

·      Articles of Organization

              EIN Filing
              Transfer on Death Deeds for LLC Shares
              Non-disclosure and non-solicitation agreements
              Employee agreements
              Non-compete agreements
·      By-laws
·      Operating Agreements
·      Business Resolutions
·      Partnership Agreements
We know that launching a new business is an exciting time in your life, but all the details in business establishment can be daunting. People often focus on getting the business started and making money so they can afford to handle the details with an attorney later, but this approach leaves them vulnerable in the most critical stages at the beginning and can have lasting effects. The attorneys of Juris are more than happy to see your dreams come true, and are willing to answer any questions you might have pertaining to setting up your business.  Feel free to contact us today for a consultation with any of our experienced attorneys, or call us at (913) 764-8844 with any questions you have regarding business creation.