Avoid High Conflict Divorce With Pre-Nuptial Agreements

High conflict divorce can be avoided with pre-nuptial agreements drafted by an attorney at Juris Law & Mediation, LLC. No one ever wants to think about divorce, but it is a reality. The state of Kansas has one of the highest divorce rates within the United States, and high conflict divorce makes up a significant amount of that number.
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High Conflict Divorce Can Be Avoided Through Pre-Nuptial Agreements!

In order to avoid a high conflict divorce, entering into a pre-nuptial agreement gives you and your spouse a safeguard for your assets. Pre-nuptial agreements begin a dialogue between both you and your spouse about expectations and objectives of your marriage. It’s a great opportunity to work together as a team to come up with marital goals and understandings.
Overlooking important opinions that each spouse rightfully holds is a wasted opportunity to strengthen a budding relationship and establish open communication. Children will benefit from prenuptial agreements as well. Unlike a high conflict divorce, pre-nuptial agreements can safeguard a child’s financial interests, whether it be through college savings, a trust, or inheritance.
This is especially helpful in avoiding a high conflict divorce. These agreements are written in cases in which the two parties are separating and it is necessary to outline how the financial matters of the marriage will be handled in the event of a separation or divorce. It may also address other issues such as alimony payments, estate planning and how certain expenses are paid during marriage.
When prepared correctly, pre-nuptial agreements can alleviate a long and contested divorce. The attorneys of Juris Law & Mediation have years of experience with pre-nuptial agreements as well as the estate documents that often coincide with them. If you are in the Johnson County area including Olathe, KS and wish to avoid a high conflict divorce, contact us today to schedule a consultation for pre-nuptial agreements. Feel free to call us at (913) 764-8844 with any questions you have regarding your divorce case.