Taxes, Finances and Child Support Modification

Child support during tax season

The tax season is fast approaching, which means you are likely thinking about your financial situation, and whether it’s changed or is changing. When Child Support is initially set in a case, it is based on the parties’ respective incomes and expenses at the time the initial order is entered. Sometimes parents’ incomes or expenses…

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Mediation: Sweat the Small Stuff in Advance!

Mediation helps plan things in advance

When parenting from two households, whether parents are separated, divorced, or were never married, successfully managing children’s busy schedules can be a challenge. The average school year has several holidays and breaks that can disrupt a ‘regular’ parenting plan, and result in conflict between the parents over a variety of small details when it comes…

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A Family Law Attorney May Be Your Form of Self Care

A skilled and experienced family law attorney is key to have when leaving a loveless marriage. Staying in an unhappy situation can cause emotional harm to not only you, but your children, friends, family, and your spouse. From our office in Olathe, Juris Law & Mediation can help clients in Kansas City and Johnson County separate from…

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Divorce Mediation is the Path to a Better Future

Divorce Mediation in the new year

Divorce mediation can be the key to a new more independent you going into the new year in Kansas City. If you’re looking for a way to dissolve your marriage in a way aimed at solutions that are sustainable for both parties, divorce mediation is a good option. The Dispute Resolution Center can help you with this…

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Conflict Coaching Can Help You Survive the Holidays

Conflict coaching will help

Have you heard about conflict coaching? It’s a great method of managing stress around difficult social situations and personal confrontations – especially around the holidays. The Dispute Resolution Center has a specialized team who is ready to help you learn a better and more peaceful way to navigate challenges.  Uncomfortable social settings are often unavoidable during the…

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Mediation Can Help Simplify Conflict Resolution

Mediation is Win-Win

Mediation is a highly successful method of handling conflict resolution that can often avoid hotly contested trials. As a process, it is much more individually tailored to the participants than handling the same conflict in court. So why should you trust mediation to help you? In Olathe and Kansas City, at Juris Law’s Dispute Resolution Center,…

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