Sharing Halloween Doesn’t Have to be a Nightmare

Child Custody Juris Law Sharing Halloween

Navigating child custody arrangements during the holidays can be difficult. One spooky holiday quickly approaching is Halloween. While Halloween is a favorite holiday for many, it can be a bit more complicated for parents who are not together and struggle to get along. As parents going through a separation, ask yourself what you can do to…

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Hiring a Landlord Lawyer, Can You Protect in the Long Run

Landlord Lawyer, Juris Law KC, Protects You in the Long Run

By seeking the assistance of a landlord lawyer, property owners can protect their investments, maintain strong tenant relationships, and navigate the complex legal landscape of the landlord-tenant relationship with confidence and peace of mind. As a landlord, the process of leasing a property can be complex and demanding. To streamline the process, some landlords may be tempted…

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Child Support Modification: Is it too Much or not Enough?

child support modification, juris law, too much or not enough

    Child support modification refers to the process of making changes to an existing child support order. It can be initiated by either parent or sometimes by the state agency responsible for enforcing child support. The goal is to ensure that the support arrangement remains fair and appropriate, taking into account the evolving needs and circumstances…

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Use Mediation to Establish Co- Parenting Expectations for Unwed Couples

mediation, juris law & mediation, unwed couples

Mediation can be a valuable resource for unmarried parents navigating a separation. It offers a structured and neutral environment where both parties can work together to find mutually beneficial solutions. While the legal aspects may differ from those of married couples, the emotional and practical aspects of separating remain. Mediation encourages cooperative problem-solving, unlike litigation, which can…

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Mediation Resolves Disputes

Mediation, Juris Law & Mediation, Resolves Disputes

Mediation, a powerful conflict resolution tool, has gained significant recognition for its effectiveness in fostering communication, understanding, and compromise amongst parties in conflict. Conflict is inevitable in human interaction. Disagreements and disputes are frequent in personal relationships, workplaces, or communities. While conflicts can be emotionally draining and disruptive, they can also provide rich opportunities for…

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Mediation Services Prevents the Hassle of a Courtroom

mediation services, dispute resolution center, avoid courtroom

Mediation services have become increasingly popular to resolve disputes and conflicts outside the courtroom; this has increased in recent years. Mediation is provided by trained professionals who facilitate communication between the parties in conflict and help them identify and resolve the issues causing the dispute. Mediation can be used to resolve a wide range of disagreements, including family disputes,…

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